23 May 2007

Man Juice Diet part 2

The aftermath of the Man Juice Diet article featuring Kim Kelly. This interview took place after the diet program failed due to funding issue. But it worth noted, it went on for 8 days before cancelled.

Source: http://www.publicitywhore.com/pwblast28/OTW/diet.html

An Interview with Craig Markley

Just when you thought you had heard about every possible way to lose weight - one technique has emerged that could be considered the most original yet! Kim Kelly has come up with an all protein formula - that some may find hard to swallow, but extremely effective. It's 'straight from the tap' and although some may call her crazy, Kim lived on the protein power potion for a full whole month, and the pounds kept coming off. So if you have the stomach for the truly bizarre - and somewhat salty - or need a few tips to shed that extra weight, this may be just the diet you were looking for! Publicity Whore is pleased to present "The Man Juice Diet"

Craig Markley(CM): Ok Kim I gotta ask, how did you get the idea to go on this diet? Is it that you read about the 'medical benefits of man juice', or is it a Publicity Stunt pure and simple?

Kim Kelly(KK): That is the number one question I get asked these days. I have gained weight progressively since 1996 when I was in an accident. I have had several surgeries, which has slowed down my metabolism quite a bit. There have been lots of protein diets in the news lately, so I am taking a "tongue in cheek" approach to that. I would like to lose about 30-40 pounds ultimately, however, I never intend on being skinny. I thought I could kill two birds with one stone - lose weight and get more recognition for the fat chicks out there. There is a bunch of information available about the "medical benefits of man juice", I intended on finding out first hand.

CM: Now that you've been on the liquid protein shake for almost 2 weeks, is it what you expected going in? Have you been tempted to "snack" on anything else since starting?

KK: Actually, I was on my liquid protein shake diet for 8 days and lost 5 pounds. It was exactly as I expected, with my exercise program built right in. I was having a great time. The problem was that an hour before my diet began, my funding pulled out. They wanted me to postpone my diet, but telling me an hour before I started filming wasn't enough warning for me. So, I started on my own, with some really nice men helping out. However, I then had to pay for everything myself - locations, cameramen, film, travel, etc. There is no way I could continue this on my own. So, I stuck to it as long as I could, but when I went to NY, there was nothing for me to eat. I will start my diet over again as soon as I am funded properly. Actually, since my NY trip, over 3,000 men have offered to feed me, so I think it will be better anyway. Everything happens for a reason.

CM: How has the response been to your request for "contributors"? How many men have volunteered to help you in this pursuit?

KK: I sort of answered this in the last question, but it has really been amazing. So far, there have been over 3,000 signed up to feed me. Not everyone will go get the testing done that I require, but the response has been great! I am thrilled with how many men care enough to keep me alive, or just want a BJ, either way I get my food.

CM: Is it true that the food people eat can affect the taste of their semen? What should men be stocking up on to make 'the deed' more appealing to their sometimes reluctant, but willing to please girlfriends?

KK: YES, it is absolutely true that what people eat affects how they taste. It is the same for both men and women. People who eat more fruits, pineapple juice in particular (for men), taste sweeter. I would suggest cutting WAY back on red meat products, but that is my personal taste. There is a product out there that claims to make semen taste better and they have kindly offered me as much as I like, but I have not yet tried it. If I decide to give it a try, I will let you know what I find.

CM: Tell us about your background? Are you involved in the adult industry, or just a sweet little girl who wanted to find a new way to lose weight?

KK: I like to think I am both actually. I was in the adult industry for a short time when I was 18 years old and much thinner. After my accident in 1996, a friend suggested that I get into it on the web. I have been doing the amateur thing ever since. I started with phone sex, have made some of my own videos, been in a few magazines, and do quite a bit of the live "online" shows. I have always enjoyed pushing the envelope of acceptance, so this is another step in my process. Funny thing is, to me this seems like an interesting thing to do, to everyone else they think is it one of the craziest things they have ever heard. I truly am not insane, just like to try new things.

CM: Why is it some women find the oral subject "hard to swallow" yet you seem to take to it like a fish in water?

KK: That is a very good question, but I am not sure there is a real answer. I think it is just preferences - some people don't like tomatoes, some do. I also think it has to do with one's first experience. I have loved to perform oral since the very first time I tried it, which was many years ago now. I guess you could say that I have an oral fixation. Not everyone does, sadly.

CM: How has the response been from the public since announcing you were gonna do this? Do some men consider you their new hero - letting them point you out to the girlfriends and say "Hey, Kim does is and she loves it!!!"?

KK: Most people think I am nuts, at least that is what they tell me. However, I know for fact that every man, straight or gay, is really hoping this catches on. I don't know if I have become anyone's hero just yet, but I am going to try! I am sure once I get through a full month, remain happy and healthy, and if I lose some weight, it will become a pretty good argument.

CM: Tell us about some of the interviews you've done on this diet? Will you be writing a book anytime soon on this breakthrough in weight loss formulas?

KK: My goodness, there have been quite a few interviews. I think I am most proud of being the first fat chick to sit on the Playboy couch on the "Night Calls" TV show. I really enjoyed my time on Tom Leykis with Jim Rose, and was pretty disappointed in the Stern appearance. There have been countless radio interviews from all over the world. The New Zealand people who called were really cool, the Irish show that called were jerks - but whatever. I love when they call me up, then proceed to tell me on air that nobody wants to see this, then I respond with "then why are you calling me"? Then they have to back track. I take it all with a sense of humor, which luckily is still intact. Yes, I fully intend on writing a book about my adventures on the man juice diet. It has been a very interesting ride thus far, I look forward to seeing how it ends as well.

CM: How can men get in contact with you to make a 'contribution'? Do you prefer to take it off the tap, or in a prepackaged container?

KK: Anyone who would like to donate to my cause, can go to www.manjuicediet.com and fill out the form on the site. There are a few rules, but I send those out after they have signed up. I prefer it fresh, love to take it from the tap, but am not opposed to other ways. Everyone who wishes to feed me will need a pcr-dna HIV test, so I cannot accept donations "off site". I am clean and intend on keeping it that way.

CM: I heard people can actually log in and 'watch you in action'. What does it cost and where should they go to sign up?

KK: Well, this again has to go back to my funding being pulled issue. I was meant to be in a location for the duration of my diet that had cameras wired all thoughout the house, and people would be able to watch me 24/7. Sadly, I cannot afford to do that at this time until I get funded and start my diet again. However, the www.manjuicediet.com website does have photos and video clips of some of my adventures so far, along with a daily diary of my escapades. The cost is only $4.95 and that is a one time fee for the entire duration of the diet. I am going to do my best to broadcast everything once I resume. I would love to have people watch this.

CM: How many calories are in a "single serving" of man juice. How many servings per day are you eating to keep your strength up?

KK: Everything I have read has said that a single serving has about 8 calories. It is high in protein and zinc. There are few things I have to supplement in order to keep healthy. During my eight days, I was eating about 5 servings per day - but I will need more if I want to keep on going past the week mark. As many men as there are that want to feed me, I will drink. As long as they are tested and clean of course.

CM: To your knowledge has this ever been attempted in the past? Is the Guinness Book gonna be publishing this new dietary milestone in their 2003 edition?

KK: To my knowledge, nobody has ever attempted to live on a diet of semen for a month. As far as I know, I am the first one to give this a try. I have not talked with the Guinness Book yet, but I would be honored to be included if they will have me. I am not sure they do anything related to the adult side of things.

CM: Any advice you'd offer to women out there that would like to 'please their man', but just cannot get over the mental stumbling blocks of oral. What goes through your mind that makes you love it so much when doing it?

KK: My advice would be to try it. If they have had a bad experience, that is going to be hard to get over, but worth a try. I would suggest to start slow - licking, kissing, and work up from there. I would advise men NOT to push their hips when dealing with a woman who is tentative. Choking would definately be a turn off to those who are not used to that feeling. If men really want their partners to do it, I would recommend they make it as appealing as possible. Shower, put some chocolate sauce on it if need be, honey, anything sweet or something their partner likes. Hair can also be an issue, trim the trunk, make it appealing. Help them really enjoy their time. I assure you, someone who really LIKES giving oral is going to do a much better job then the people who are only doing it to please their mate. I like the taste, the power, the feeling, watching someone's eyes roll back in their head, but that is me. I have always believed in 'you get as good as you give', maybe that is part of it. I truly enjoy it and always have, it wasn't something I had to learn to like.

CM: Do certain nationalities of "man juice" taste different? What is your absolute favorite variety?

KK: I don't think it has to do with nationalities really, but diet is definitely a factor. Different nationalities have different dietary habits, so that is what I attribute it to. Again, my answer is pineapple juice!

CM: Any shout out's you wanna give? Who are some people you've looked to for support in this project?

KK : Yes, there are several people I would like to thank. So many people have supported me unconditionally over the years, this included. I would first like to thank all of the beautiful big women over at www.bbwlive.com . They have been a source of inspiration for me for almost two years now. These women who stand up for what they believe in, no matter what people say, I am very proud of all of them. I would like to thank Rob Adams, my webmaster and business partner for all of the work he does, he is the best. Steve Nelson, at www.ainews.com has helped me with press releases, support, and lots of food. He has been fantastic. A big thanks to all of the men who have sent kind words, shown up to feed me, and continue to make this a pleasant process.

CM: If you weren't earning international celebrity by combining the sensual and culinary arts, what would you be doing?

KK: I really don't know. I have always lived life on my terms and gone with what happens. I used to train horses until I was injured and loved that. I love teaching people about sex, opening up minds, doing what I do. I really enjoy what I do, I can't think of anything else I would prefer doing.

CM: And lastly, what do you think about those Fun Loving, Freedom Fighting, Call it like they see it journalists, over at Publicity Whore Magazine?

KK: I think you all are great. Thanks for all you do!

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